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29 Jan 2015 DANCE PROMS 2015 - Registration open



The IDTA Freestyle Scholarships and Seminar will take place on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th May 2015 at the Forest Community Centre, Walsall. Keep this weekend free in your diary for a great Freestyle weekend.

The Freestyle Scholarships will be held on Saturday 9th May. The final date for IDTA Examiners to submit their nominations is 28th February 2015 and ticket information and the timetable will be sent to all nominees via their school principal in March.

The Freestyle Seminar will be held on Sunday 10th May, download the programme for the Professional and Amateur workshops. This year the Seminar is free for IDTA members. The professional workshops are designed for dance Teachers and Pre-Associates. The amateur workshops are suitable for children 7 years of age and above (teachers are advised to note the content of programme to ensure it is suitable for their pupils and students). Older amateur students may not attend the Professional workshops. Tickets for the Seminar can be ordered from IDTA Head Office.

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13 Mar 2015

DANCE PROMS 2015 - Registration open

Congratulations to everyone who took part in Dance Proms 2014 at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 2nd November and thank you to everyone who supported this amazing event.

Go to the Dance Proms website to see the full reports and keep Sunday 15th November 2015 free in your diary for Dance Proms 2015

Registration for the 2015 Dance Proms opened on Monday 2nd February and will close on Tuesday 5 May, go to the Dance Proms website for more details.

“The sheer number and breadth of young talented dancers who take part is absolutely fantastic and a testament to the amazing dance teachers working around the world.” Caroline Miller, Director of Dance UK.

“Thank you for the fantastic opportunity you gave us all. It was amazing and I will remember it forever!” Dancer at Dance Proms 2013.

Dance Proms is a partnership project between the IDTA, ISTD, RAD and the Royal Albert Hall working together in celebration of dance. Celebration of Dance Festival Limited, Incorporated in England & Wales No. 7407392

29 Jan 2015

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