Annual Congress, Annual Dinner and AGM 2019

Saturday 6th July - Monday 8th July 2019
, UK
Southport Theatre and Convention Centre
The Promenade

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Saturday 6th July – Lakeside Suite

12.55pm Welcome  
1.00pm Level 3 Diploma Dance Teaching Assistant – New Qualification Launch Liz Murphy
1.45pm Business Anne Walker
2.30pm Risk Assessment Professor Chris Kemp
3.15pm Finance in Dance Rachel Littlewood
4.00pm Questions and Answers with a panel of Directors Linda Cook,
Colin Donaldson,
Yvonne Saunders
4.40pm End and Thanks  

The meeting will be free of charge to current IDTA members.
Any non members there will be a charge of £30 each.


Sunday 7th July – Waterfront Suite via the Promenade Entrance

9.00am Doors open  
9.25am Welcome  
9.30am Launch of the new Contemporary Modern Jazz Syllabus Modern Jazz
10.20am Changeover  
10.30am Launch of the new Acrobatic Dance Syllabus – Prep Grade 2 Modern Jazz
11.20am Changeover  
11.30am Workshop 1 – Contemporary Ballet Jennifer Ellison
12.20pm Lunch  
1.00pm Workshop 2 – Musical Theatre – West Side Story Frances Dee
1.50pm Changeover  
2.00pm Workshop 3 – Tap James Doubtfire Changeover  
3.00pm Workshop 4 – Jazz Dane Bates

Anyone wishing to participate in these workshops must book a place in advance.


Sunday 7th July – Floral Hall Ballroom

9.00am Doors Open  
9.25am Welcome  
9.30am Latin Development from Medallist to Competitor Damian Evans
10.15am Freestyle Samantha Williams
11.00am Jive Swing for Adults Mark Webb
11.45am Ballroom – Waltz and Quickstep Marek Kosaty and
Paulina Glazik
12.30pm Lunch  
1.30pm Street Kerrey Warr
2.15pm Latin – Rumba & Paso Doble Greg McDonough and
Katheryn Jones
3.00pm End and Thanks  


Sunday 7th July – Studio 2 Fringe Workshops (Lakeside Suite)

9.30am Doors Open  
9.40am Welcome  
9.45am Street Thomas Cliff
10.25am Changeover  
10.30am Latin – Samba & Rumba Jeremy Basil and
Kate Moore
11.10am Changeover  
11.15am Developing Ballroom from Medallists to Competitors Vicki Smith
11.55am Changeover  
12.00pm Slow Freestyle Jessica Troke
12.40pm Lunch  
1.25pm Welcome  
1.30pm Latin – Jive and Cha Cha Cha Leila Stewart
2.10pm Changeover  
2.15pm Classical Sequence Rachel Almond
2.55pm Changeover  
3.00pm Musical Theatre Performance Linda Regan
3.45pm End and Thanks  


Monday 8th July – Floral Hall Ballroom

9.00am Doors Open  
9.30am Annual General Meeting (members only)
full details will be printed in the IDTA Annual Congress Guide published 1 June 2019
11.30am Tea/coffee served for members  
12.00pm Mambo Darren Kelley
12.30pm Ballroom – Tango & Foxtrot Marek Kosaty and
Paulina Glazik
1.15pm Argentine Tango Stefanos Chatzigeorgiou and Valentine Dragats
2.00pm Latin – Samba & Cha Cha Cha Greg McDonough and
Katheryn Jones
2.45pm END