IDTA Inventive Dance Competition 2021 Online

Friday 21st May 2021

Rules of the 2021 IDTA inventive dance competition

  1. There will be a competition to find a new 16 bar Modern Sequence, a new 16 bar Latin Sequence and a new 16 bar Classical Sequence dance. These competitions will be run following BDC rules. The dance must not have been performed in public or entered in a previous competition. The Latin section is an own video submission event.

  2. The 1st place winner of each competition will be awarded a prize of £200.

  3. The competitions will be judged by at least 5 BDC licensed adjudicators from video demonstrations of the dances.

  4. You must submit a copy of the typed script for your dance as per a normal inventive after entry through the website: You will then receive an email confirmation within 24 hours with instructions on how to make payment and how to submit your scripts (preferably in word format) and your video (if applicable).

  5. When providing your own video demonstration of the dance, you must ensure you have a safe space to dance in and do so at your own risk. We accept no liability for loss or injury. The video must contain at least 1 complete, (ideally 2) uninterrupted sequence of your dance with the whole bodies of the couple shown throughout. (Landscape preferable).

  6. If you are unable to provide your own video, we can arrange for your dance to be demonstrated by a professional couple (excluding Latin). We have restricted slots for video recordings and these will be on a first come first served basis.

  7. Upon entering the event, you agree that the video of your dance may be used in any way we require for this event, including the possibility of public viewing.

  8. All inventors and all demonstrators must hold a professional qualification in the ballroom branches as per the BDC rules and submit a script in the format as advised here: (we retain the right to refuse entry to scripts that do not contain enough detail and your entry fee will be refunded; please note we have provided exemplars online)

  9. It is a condition of entry that should your dance win, the copyright of the submitted dance and script will be transferred to the IDTA. If you have submitted your own video, the copyright of the video will be transferred to Brockbank Lane.

  10. The winning inventor(s) must check their script with the script invigilator by phone and/or video chat.
  11. Only 1 entry per household per section.

  12. All entries, scripts, videos and payments should be received by the closing date (21st May 2021) otherwise your entry will not be included.

Entry to this event costs £5 per dance (Free to current IDTA members) if submitting your own video or £15 per dance (£10 for current IDTA members) if you require your dance to be demonstrated and videoed for the purpose of the competition. (IDTA may be checking membership numbers submitted). Inventors are welcome to suggest music for their entry, but if your music choice isn’t available, a suitable alternative will be used.

The competitions will be run in June with the aim that the scripts of the winning dances will be published on Saturday 3
rd July. This may be subject to change.

All event queries should be directed to the email address:


For more information, to apply, or to view the results videos on the 3rd July, click here: