International Theatre Dance Awards 2021 Online

1st May 2021 - 2nd May 2021

The International Theatre Dance Awards run by IDTA are obtainable only through audition and candidates are initially nominated by the Association’s examiners when taking the higher grades or performers examinations through a qualified teacher.

Eight awards are granted in Ballet, Theatre Craft, Tap, and Modern Jazz at higher grade and Performers level. The event takes place annually, usually in February at a venue in Manchester. In 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic the awards will be held online. The closing date for nominations from exam sessions each year is the 30th November.

In the past over 500 candidates out of more than 7,500 are nominated each year for these awards and those who are successful are awarded a trophy and a cheque to further their dance career. Certificates are awarded to every nominee and the teachers of the winners.


The following additional trophies will be presented:

  • The Bill Tasker Award for Theatre Craft Grades or Performers
  • The Ken Dodd Award for Tap Grades or Performers (1 Girl and 1 Boy)
  • The Gladys Thorpe Memorial Award for Ballet Performers (including bursary)
  • The above awards chosen by an independent assessor
  • The Veronica Tweedale Award (including bursary) for the runner up of the Ballet Grades Class
  • The Pam Tidmarsh Award (including bursary) for the runner up of the Modern Jazz Grades Class
  • The Peggy Harrison Award for the runner up in the Modern Jazz Performers class


FORMAT OF CLASS for 2021 Online


The class will be held in an audition format and consist of unseen technical work of the designated genre. As part of the class a ‘variation/combination’ will be set.

Videos of each of the classes and the music tracks will be available for IDTA teachers with nominees, to download on 19th April 2021. Teachers with nominees will be sent a link to the videos and music tracks, located in the IDTA Competitions Dropbox.

Teachers will teach the class(es) to the nominees and video the nominees in their dance studio. Each routine will be 1 minute in length.

Teachers will be sent a link to upload each nominee’s video to the IDTA Competitions Dropbox by 6.00 pm 26th April 2021.

IDTA Assessors will view the uploaded videos and the Theatre Dance Awards Committee and IDTA President will announce the finalists on 1st May and the winners on 2nd May.