Board of Directors, Faculties and Committees

President 2019-2020: Anna Jones
President Elect 2019-2020: Linda Cook
Immediate Past President 2018-2019: Phil Winston
Financial Director 2019-2020: George Coad
Honorary Director: Len Armstrong
IDTA General Secretary Emeritus: Lyndon B Wainwright
IDTA Director Emeritus: John Knight, Jane Tumelty & Pat Lupino Thompson


Lord and Lady Fearn of Southport, Lionel Blair, Anton du Beke Erin Boag, Darcey Bussell CBE, Dame Beryl Grey CH DBE, Karen Hilton MBE, Marcus Hilton MBE, Dr. Stanley Ho OBE, Arlene Phillips OBE, Angela Rippon OBE, Dougie Squires OBE MVO, Ann Widdicombe,

Directors 2019-2020

Lynn Armsby, Frances Clayton, Philip Diment, Colin Donaldson, Yvonne Goût, Vanessa Hooper, Lynda King, Joanne Kirkland, Ian Meeson, Dawn Parker, Michael Sandham, Yvonne Saunders, Barbara Sharples, Bryan Thomson.

Chief Executive Officer:

Elizabeth Murphy

Operations Manager

Elaine Holden


Martin Pedlow

Examinations Secretaries

Sue Bray and Anne Watson


Ballroom Branch Faculties (2019-2020)

Ballroom Faculty

Michael Sandham, Lynda King, Dawn Parker, Yvonne Saunders, Lynn Armsby (Reserve), Colin Donaldson (Reserve)

Latin Faculty

Lynda King, Lynn Armsby, Michael Sandham, Yvonne Saunders, Jill Kemp (Reserve)

Sequence Faculty

Derek Tonks, Dallas Chapman, Tracey Taylor, Jane Tumelty, Judy Walsh, Elizabeth Lee-Selleck (Reserve)

Freestyle Faculty

Loraine Hastings, Nigel Edgar, Anna Jones, Jill Kemp, Dawn Parker, Lisa McLean (Reserve)

Quality Assurance Panel – Ballroom

Consists of the four Faculty Chairmen, Chief Executive Officer.


Theatre Branch Faculties (2019-2020)

Ballet Faculty

Vanessa Hooper, Annette Bromley, Lynda Cardwell, Gillian Hopkinson, Joanne Kirkland, Christa Collard (Reserve).

Contemporary Modern Jazz Faculty

Phil Winston, Linda Cook, Lisa Handley, Shani Mitchell, Carl Walker

Tap Faculty

Jennifer McCrow, Mariyka Bolubasz, Wendy Cowan, Vicki Durning, Wendy Haywood, Emma Turner (Reserve)

Theatre Craft Faculty

Denise Skinner, Elizabeth Kendrick, Ian Meeson, Linda Regan, Vicky Stansfield

Musical Theatre Faculty

Linda Regan, Lisa Handley, Elizabeth Kendrick, Ian Meeson, Denise Skinner, Frances Clayton (Reserve)

Quality Assurance Panel – Theatre

Consists of the four Faculty Chairmen, Chief Executive Officer.


Finance & General Purposes Committee (F&GP)

Financial Director (Chairman), President, President Elect, Chief Executive, Philip Diment, Colin Donaldson, Lynda King, Michael Sandham, Yvonne Saunders.

London Meeting and Congress Arrangement Committees Ballroom and Theatre

Ballroom: Philip Diment, Lynda King, Dawn Parker, Yvonne Saunders

Theatre: Frances Clayton, Linda Cook, Phil Winston

Miss Dance of Great Britain

Karen Siddall (Chairman), Sharon Berry, Sandra Houldsworth – Secretary, Joanne Kirkland, Linda Lister, Tracey Southern, Betty Chappelle, Lisa Sykes.

International Theatre Dance Awards

Lynda Cardwell (Chairman), Annette Bromley, Jennifer McCrow, Brenda Yeates, Wendy Heywood

Nationwide Medallist of the Year Committee

Derek Tonks (Acting Chairman) Anglia: Wendy Anderson, Midlands: Dawn Parker, North East: Cynthia Coleman, North West: Wayne Turner, Scotland: Kim Devine, South East: Mark Lunn, South West: Keith Laughton, Tyne Tees: Ann Haining.

Supreme Medallist Couples Competitions Committee

President, Financial Director, Chief Executive, Lynn Armsby, Lynda King, Michael Sandham.

Publicity Committee

President, President Elect, Financial Director, Chief Executive, Frances Clayton, Phil Diment, Colin Donaldson.

Awards Committee

President, President Elect, Financial Director, Chief Executive, Lynn Armsby, Frances Clayton, Carol Hammond, Barbara Sharples.

Overseas Development Committee

President, President Elect, Financial Director, Chief Executive, Linda Cook, Anna Jones Yvonne Saunders.

IT Committee

Chief Executive, David Cooke (IT Consultant), Gavin Stevens (IT Support), Michael Sandham.


IDTA Representatives

British Dance Council (BDC)

BDC Council: President, George Coad, John Knight. Res: Philip Diment
BDC Sequence Advisory Committee: Derek Tonks and res Jane Tumelty
BDC Teachers Comm res: Michael Sandham
BDC Contemp / Freestyle Advisory Committee: Anna Jones res Dawn Parker

Sports and Recreation Alliance

Jane Tumelty

Council for Dance, Drama and Musical Theatre

Lynn Armsby.

Theatre Dance Council International

Linda Cook, Barbara Sharples

Federation of Dance Awarding Bodies



Note: All committees, chairmen and representatives are elected annually in September by the Board of Directors. A list of IDTA Examiners is available from IDTA Head Office. Please call 01273 685652 or email