IDTA Social Media Policy


The IDTA has the following official social media sources which are secured and controlled by IDTA.

They consist of official pages on:
Facebook –
Twitter –

These media sources will contain the official IDTA logo. IDTA is not responsible for, or involved in any other unofficial pages, channels or accounts.

IDTA social media sources are internally moderated and content uploaded or posted that IDTA designates as illegal, inappropriate or abusive will be immediately removed and reported to the relevant media source management.

IDTA advises anybody visiting or using social media sites to avoid posting their personal data. IDTA will only publish personal data at the express written consent of the person involved (or their parent/guardian where they are under 18) or if it is already in the public domain. IDTA will never publish personal data including addresses or contact details other than that of IDTA staff and this will always be limited to business contacts.

IDTA takes no responsibility for any content found on any external sites, links or pages including Twitter handles and YouTube channels.

No IDTA staff members or examiners will knowingly befriend or follow on any form of social media the following:

  • Candidates currently registered for a forthcoming examination
  • Candidates or students under 18
  • Candidates currently studying for any qualifications offered by IDTA

IDTA examiners will not use their personal or business social media accounts to discuss any aspect of the examination process. Any discussions of this nature should be conducted either with Head Office or in an appropriate forum such as examiner meetings. Examiners should refer to the code of conduct and examiners agreement for further information.

Many members of the Association use social media sites successfully as communication tools. IDTA members are reminded that libel laws apply to written comments on these sites and to ensure that they are monitored to ensure that posts and uploads are appropriate. Inappropriate postings and uploads could be used in disciplinary and/or legal action.

IDTA members are recommended not use social media to discuss forthcoming examinations but to address any concerns or queries directly to our Head Office where they can be dealt with in confidence by an IDTA member of staff.