Cold Callers & Junk Mail


It has been brought to our attention that recently an individual (or individuals) has been approaching members who have a school profile on our website, offering to build them a website for their school. These individuals are not connected to IDTA and we do not provide any website design service to our members. Unfortunately, as is the nature of the internet, as soon as you publish any contact details (be it email, telephone or sometimes even social media) you will start receiving junk emails or cold calls. We try to protect our members by hiding email addresses behind a click button however there is no 100% effective defence against junk marketing.

In this instance, as we cannot verify the authenticity of said individuals we would advise all members to show caution when responding to emails or calls. The safest way to deal with unsolicited junk emails or cold calls is the tried and tested way: If you didn’t request any information or contact, then delete the email or promptly end the telephone call by informing the caller that you are not interested in what they are selling.

If you believe the caller/email to be genuine then make sure to check their credentials and offers thoroughly before agreeing to anything. The Companies House website offers a business check service that you can use as a starting point to check details on any registered company in the UK. Never rely entirely on a single email, website or the say-so of a cold caller as evidence of authenticity.

The Which? website has some useful information on how to register your telephone number and postal address in order to prevent unwanted junk mail and calls, but the best course of action is always vigilance: Never open email attachments or click links from people you don’t know and never agree to anything over the phone.

Stay safe!