The IDTA works with DDC Ltd to offer member teachers DBS checks. Read below for further information and contact DDC Ltd direct.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

The UK Government strongly encourages all organisations to ensure that their personnel, who come into contact with under 18’s or “vulnerable” adults as part of their normal role, have no reported history that would make them unsuitable to be in such a position.

In many instances insurers are also requiring that policy holders check the background of those covered by the policy under the general clause of “taking all reasonable steps to avoid a claim”.
For most commercial organisations, protecting the good name of the company and the industry in general is also a significant factor.

In support of the Government’s recommendation the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS, formally the Criminal Records Bureau or CRB) was formed to give eligible organisations access to Government held records* through a document called a Disclosure.

Since such information is sensitive, organisations wishing to use the Disclosure and Barring Service must be DBS registered or work through a DBS Registered Body (such as DDC) and:

a) be placing the subject of the check in a role, which involves working with under 18’s or vulnerable adults


b) have some sanction they can apply to prevent the individual from gaining access to children (with their endorsement) if the Disclosure proves to be unsatisfactory.


About the Scheme

Schools that are open to under 18’s meet the first criteria (above), and personnel working in those schools meet the second criteria, where the requester is the school proprietor or manager who has the power not to place them in such roles. However, for site proprietors and managers themselves, there is currently no “higher authority” who could apply any sanction. Also, the Disclosure document is not suitable to be displayed to inform parents that teaching staff have been vetted.

Under the scheme, the IDTA is offering a service whereby they will undertake the role of a regulatory body and check all members who wish to participate. Assuming the check is satisfactory, the IDTA will issue a certificate to the member stating that the check has been made and is satisfactory. Unlike the DBS document, the IDTA certificate can be displayed in the same way as a qualification certificate, thereby re-assuring parents. Where teachers work in multiple schools the IDTA will provide multiple copies of the certificate for display, if requested.

If the check proves unsatisfactory, the certificate will not be issued. The IDTA policy on the acceptability of criminal offences is on the reverse of the application form.

* Police National Computer, ISA Vetting and Barring Lists and additional Police Intelligence


How to participate

IDTA members wishing to participate should contact Due Diligence Checking Ltd (DDC) by:

Mail: PO Box 6878, SYSTON, Leicester LE7 4ZR
Tel: 0845 644 3298

DDC will send an application form for both the IDTA Disclosure and Barring Service scheme and a DBS Disclosure, both of which should be completed and returned, with the required documentation, to DDC with a cheque for £64.40 in the envelope provided. You may also be required to return an additional consent form, but please read the guidance provided to confirm this. Please note separate schemes are in place for Scotland and Northern Ireland, information is available from DDC Ltd.


Checking other Personnel

Only IDTA members can participate in the Scheme and receive a certificate. However DDC will act as a Registered Body for any school that wishes to check other personnel like chaperones, technical staff and student assistants. Schools are also eligible (at their discretion) to check parents who wish to accompany their children “back stage” at events where other children are present.

If a school would like DDC to act for them, they should contact the company directly or complete the Registration process on DDC can also provide clauses for inclusion in any Contracts of Employment or Employee Handbooks.

There is no charge to register with DDC and the charge for checking other personnel is the same discounted rate as that for IDTA members. Please note that the CRB does not charge for checks on volunteers (as defined by the CRB) so only the £17.00 + VAT applies for such roles.


CRB Checks

The Disclosures will be requested at the “Enhanced” level for individuals who work directly with children, and will check the relevant Vetting and Barring List. “Enhanced” CRB Disclosures are issued approximately 23 calendar days from the date the correctly completed Disclosure Application Form is received by the CRB.


Update July 2015 – Prices correct at time of printing, please check prices with DDC Ltd