Spam Email Reported

It has been reported to us by a member that they received the following fraudulent email. Although the email appears genuine on the surface, detailed investigation showed that the sender was not who they claimed to be.

With the ever increasing number of spam and fraudulent emails that we have to deal with, the same advice always applies: Stay vigilant; Never open attachments that you aren’t expecting; and never give personal details out to strangers.

Here is the email that was received:

Dear Paul

May I enquire about the possibility of some dance tuition, please?

I’m an older man (66), a classical musician with a good sense of rhythm when it comes to performing, but absolutely no experience or skill when it comes to dancing. What I need is this: I’m a university lecturer, and sometimes my pupils ask me to join them for an evening at a club, or a concert of indie music. I always refuse because it’s so far outside my comfort zone; but it occurs to me that I really should make an effort to accept their kind offers of sharing something they enjoy.

I don’t want to try to become a dance virtuoso, or even to look particularly skilled – to begin with, at least. I’d like simply to learn to be able to look at home on a dance floor, even to look as if I’m enjoying myself, rather than (as it would be at the moment) looking phobic, anxious and ready to run for the nearest exit. Do you think you might be able to help?



Thanks, Paul. Just to answer one point for the moment, this is an invitation I’ve just received:

Dance with these people to this music on a Brooklyn rooftop

I don’t really know what indie music is, to be honest! Let’s go with whatever the music is in the clip…