Carl Alan Awards 2009 Nomination Form

The IDTA invites nominations for the Carl Alan Awards 2009.

Awards will be presented in three categories:

1. Ballroom, Latin and Sequence Awards

2. Freestyle Awards

3. Theatre Awards

and there will be five awards in each category, ie:

1. Performer’s Awards

2. Teacher’s Award

3. Competitive Coach Award

4. Outstanding Services to Dance Award

5. Lifetime Achievement Award

The IDTA is inviting nominations for all the awards in each category. Each nomination must reach this office no later than 26th September 2008, marked for the attention of Mr K Holmes, Chief Executive. Each nomination should be accompanied by a CV of no more than 250 words. These awards are the ‘Oscars’ of the dance business and are presented for outstanding services to dance. Nominees can be amateurs or professionals who are aged over 16 years.

The IDTA Board of Directors will shortlist the IDTA nominations for submission to each of the final selection committees.

Please complete and return the form below to the IDTA head office.

Carl Alan Awards 2009 Nominations Request Form