Discover Dance

From ballet to jive, from ballroom to freestyle, there’s a world of dance waiting for you!

Dancing is one of the oldest and most sociable forms of entertainment. Whatever your age or ability, we can help you discover dance. Whether it’s Ballroom for its grace and style or Latin American for its raw energy and touch of flamboyance, there’s something for you.

IDTA dance teachers can help you learn the fun of dance and progress your skills, from your very first step right up to the most stylish expressions of dance! We are here for anyone who wants to have fun, meet new people and bring dance into their lives.

Why Dance

  • There are so many dance forms to choose from, all with their own different style and expression
  • Dance is an expression of your personality and a way of exploring who you are
  • An excellent way to improve your strength, coordination, stamina and flexibility

  • Great cardiovascular exercise; dance regularly and it will help keep your heart fit and keep you trim
  • It’s an excellent introduction to other creative activities, such as drama and music
  • Working closely with your teacher and other dancers will help you develop your communication and leadership skills

  • Dance is a social skill that stays with you for life
  • A great way to meet new people and make new friends
  • There are lots of ways to develop and you may even wish to take part in our awards scheme to show just how good your dancing has become
  • Most importantly of all, it is great fun!