COVID-19 UPDATE – 26th February 2021

The UK Prime Minister announced on 22 February the 4 Step Road Map to easing and lifting restrictions in England, with schools reopening from 8th March. Please see the links below to Prime Minister’s statement and the Covid-19 Response Spring 2021.

Announcement are also being made by Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Road Map is a positive step forward and will be reviewed and updates given  prior to each step forward. However it is clear that a cautious approach must be taken and when dance classes and examinations can restart they must be covid-secure. We strongly recommend you review your risk assessment and covid policies and contact your local authority health departments for advice and guidance on reopening and obtain confirmation in writing.

Current lockdown rules apply until the first step on 8th March.

  • Step 1: From 8th March onwards: we are waiting for clarification from the Department for Education regarding the possibility of regulated dance qualifications being assessed in out-of-school settings. As soon as we have further information we will advise you.
  • Step 2: From 12th April at the earliest: in-person dance classes for children and young people, under the age of 18. We aim to offer examinations by video or live stream only for children and young people, under the age of 18 years.
  • Step 3: From 17th May at the earliest: in-person dance classes for Adults over 18 years. For all age groups, we aim to return to examinations with examiner present and will continue to offer video and live streamed examinations.
  • Step 4: From 21st June at the earliest: No limits on social contacts, larger events.

We must emphasise that all dates are subject to change and all dance classes and examination when and where possible must be covid-secure.

When examination sessions can take place, we strongly recommend that teachers make decisions about whether to enter candidates for examinations by talking to the candidates and their parents or guardians and ensure the candidates are ready and prepared for the examinations.

Please ensure you plan your examination sessions using the Alternative Examination Procedure Guide, which can be downloaded from the Members section of the website or can be emailed to you.

We do appreciate some members have very specific questions and we will try to answer these or direct you to the appropriate guidance.

We would ask our members in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to check the regulations which currently apply to them and we would ask our International members to carefully monitor their government regulations.

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As soon as we can provide further information we will email members and update the website.