Theatre Dance Awards 2024

2nd & 3rd March 2024
Telford International Centre
International Way

Exciting news!!!

Theatre Dance Awards are on the move to a larger and more accessible venue. From 2024 Theatre Dance Awards Awards will be held at Telford International Centre in the heart of the Midlands with easy access from all areas and great transport links by car or public transport.

Telford International Centre is a fantastic modern conference village with hotels, restaurants, entertainment attractions and ample parking.

The impressive Iron Bridge Suite was home to The Dance World Cup, and now Theatre Dance Awards will be hosting their flagship event at this prestigious venue.

Dates for 2024 are confirmed as 2nd & 3rd March 2024. For more information please see:

The Theatre Awards Committee is delighted and very excited to welcome you all to this fantastic new venue.



Theatre Craft and Ballet Awards incorporating the W.J (Bill) Tasker Award, the Veronica Tweedale Award and the Gladys Thorpe Memorial Award.

Sunday 2nd March 2024

9.30am Opening Ceremony
9.40am Theatre Craft Grades Classes A & B including the W.J (Bill) Tasker Award.
11.45am Break
12.00pm Announcement of Theatre Craft Grades recall followed by Theatre Craft Performers Class including W.J. (Bill) Tasker award.
1.05pm Theatre Craft Grades final plus Recall for Theatre Craft Performers
1.30pm Theatre Craft Performers final
1.50pm Results & Presentations
2.05pm Lunch
2.30pm Opening Ceremony
2.40pm Ballet Grades Class A & B including the Judith Veronica Tweedale Award
4.45pm Tea Break
5.00pm Announcement of the Ballet Grades recall followed by Ballet Performers Classes A & B including the Gladys Thorpe Memorial Award
7.10pm Ballet Grades final Plus Announcement of Ballet Performers recall
7.35pm Ballet Performers final
7.55pm Results and Presentations


Tap and Modern Jazz Awards incorporating the Sir Ken Dodd Award, the Pam Tidmarsh and the Peggy Harrison Awards.

Sunday 3rd March 2024

9.00am Opening Ceremony
9.10am Tap Grades Class including the Sir Ken Dodd Tap Awards
10.10am Tap Performers Class including the Sir Ken Dodd Tap Awards
11.15am Announcement of Tap Grades class recall and coffee break
11.40am Tap Grades Final
12.00pm Tap Performers Final
12.20pm Results and Presentations
12.35pm Lunch
1.00pm Opening Ceremony
1.10pm Modern Jazz Grade Class A & B including the Pam Tidmarsh Award
3.15pm Tea Break
3.30pm Announcement of the Modern Jazz Grades recall followed by Modern Jazz Performers Class A & B including the Peggy Harrison Award
5.40pm Comfort Break
5.55pm Announcement of the Modern Jazz Performers Final
6.00pm Modern Jazz Grades Final
6.20pm Modern Jazz Performers Final
6.40pm Results and Presentations


All times are approximate.

All nominees are required to register at least 45 minutes prior to the commencement of their class.

Failure to do so may result in them being unable to take part.


Click here to download the timetable in a PDF format.