Examination Session Errors/Omissions Charges

As part of the Examination Session processing, an email is sent to the principal of the dance school requesting they check that the names of the candidates and the examinations they have been entered for are correct. This double-check is designed to minimise errors and ensure you receive the correct certificates and awards for your candidates.


From 1st March 2024, if an error or omission is notified to the IDTA office after the examination session has been completed and dispatched from the IDTA, there will be a standard charge of £25 per item to cover the cost of the award, certificate as well as administration time and postage. We would strongly encourage members to double-check that all information is correct when they receive the confirmation from the IDTA and notify us immediately, and within the timescales given, in order that we can rectify any issues before we produce and despatch any certificates/awards