IDTA Freestyle Seminar 2013

The IDTA Freestyle Seminar will take place on Sunday 12th May 2013 at the Forest Community Centre, Walsall and will present both Professional and Amateur workshops in the auditorium and dance studio. The professional workshop are designed for dance teachers and senior students and the amateur workshops are suitable for children 7 years of age and above (teachers are advised to note the content of programme to ensure it is suitable for their pupils and students). A full programme is available to download.

To order your tickets please complete the form at the bottom of the flyer or contact Carol at IDTA Head Office, on tel 01273 685652 or via our Contact Form.

Closing date for to tickets Friday 3 May 2013.

Why not make a it a Freestyle weekend and attend the IDTA Freestyle Scholarships on Saturday 11th May at the same venue? Ticket information will be available from Head Office from mid March.

Download Freestyle Seminar Flier