IDTA Nationwide Street 2019 – Results

Nationwide Medallist of the Year 2019

Street Dance Finals

Fenton Manor Sports Complex, Stoke on Trent March 2019


Congratulations to all our finalists who attended the 10th IDTA Nationwide Medallist of the Year, Street Dance Finals at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex on 3rd March 2019.

The President and the Board of Directors of the Association would like to record their thanks to the Nationwide Committee and the Area Committees which have been involved in the organization and particularly to the teachers who have coached the finalists and to the parents and finalists who supported the event.

In addition we would like to give a very big thank you to those who are assisting in the running of the event and to the panels of adjudicators and scrutineer who work very hard. The adjudicators; Lindon barr, Louis Juster, Ann Haining, Loraine Hastings, Leiium Reedarr, Lisa Willaims, Christopher Worstencroft   The scrutineer, Alex Dore and the marshals Peter Coleman and Derek Tonks. The compère, Nationwide Committee, the DJ Liz Young and the official photographer Tom Goundry.

All photographs by Tom Goundry







3-5 Rosette Solo

George Humphries

6-8 Rosette Solo

Macey Owens : NE

6-10 Star Dance Solo

Blake Owens  : NE

Up to 9 years including Solo

Deantrae Camara : NW

10-12 years Solo

Issac Bridge NE

13-15 years Solo

Max Anderson : SE

16-18 years Solo

Cameron Elsworthy : NE

19-25 years Solo

Gabrielle Benjamin    NE

26 years and above Solo

Melissa Whitwam

Dancers with Additional Needs  

Joshua Riley



6 years & under Duos

Gracie Mortimer/Brooke Parker   NE

7-9 years including Duo

Jessica Abraham Jacob Parnaby   A

10-12 years including Girl/Girl Duo

Summer Kennedy/Kayla Kelly   NE

10-12 years inc Girl/Boy Duos

Macey Owens/Blake Owens    NE

13-15 years Girl/Girl Duo

Mackenzie Shaw/Eva Simon    NE

16-18 years Lady/Lady Duo

Jada Allick Pussey Paris Thomas    NE

19-25 years Duo

Alicia Hudson Olivia Hobson   TT

26 years and above Duo

Katy Batley Lisha Taylor   NE



Up to 9 years inc Crews

Sh bam NE

Up to 13 years inc Crews

Richochet : NE

14-17 years Crews


18-25 years Crews

Combined : NW

36 & above Crews

Mamas & Papas   NW

Mixes Age Crews

Rhythm Collision   NE

Up to 12 years inc Quads

Thalia Andrew  Anaiya Andrew  Lily Mae Thorpe  Kiara Benjamin Lynch   NE

Eva Simon  Summer Kennedy  Kacey Cato  Bailey Matthews   NE

Maisie Gill  Mercades Cross  Abbie Gates Alfie Briggs   NE

13-17 years Quads

Catlin Oakes Amber Hodges Kimberley Peart Abbie Lowe  

18 years & above Quads

Ely Lockwood  Destiny Maximillian  Emma Broadbent  Billie Lambert    NE

Mixed Age Quads

Robyn and Hollie Powell Isobel Lally Jasmine Robinson   M

16-18 –Lady/Man Duos

Jayden Tang/Billie Lambert

13-15 Girl/Boy Duos

Sam Terry/Max Anderson : SE