Laird Technique of Latin Dancing (2022) now available

The IDTA are proud to announce the publication of the new 2022 edition of the Laird Technique of Latin Dancing.

This new edition of the Laird Technique of Latin Dancing is the first major revision since 2014. It is a definite ‘must have’ for anyone training candidates for IDTA Professional Examinations and for candidates studying this technique. 

The revision includes new charted figures, with the deletion or amendment of some other figures. There are also some technical changes and new information given. Repetitive information has been reduced and a clearer format presented in some areas.

The IDTA Professional Examination Syllabus is currently being revised but it will include some of these new figures when it will come into effect in 2023.

Physical copies of the book can be purchased from the IDTA webshop or by contacting our Sales Department ( or 01273 608583). Digital copies will soon be available to purchase from Apple iBooks and Google Books.

Please note: Addendum to the Laird Technique of Latin Dancing by Walter Laird (2022)


Page 55: Runaway Alemana. Chart as man. Body Turn for steps 15-16 should state 1/4 to L (not 1/4 to R).

Page 62: Syncopated Open Hip Twist. Chart as lady. Beat Value for step 4 should state 2 (not 4.1).