Nationwide Medallist of the Year 2020 – Results

Street Dance Finals
Fenton Manor Sports Complex, Stoke on Trent March 2020


Congratulations to all our finalists who attended the 11th IDTA Nationwide Medallist of the Year, Street Dance Finals at the Fenton Manor Sports Complex on 1st March 2020.

The President and the Board of Directors of the Association would like to record their thanks to the Nationwide Committee and the Area Committees which have been involved in the organization and particularly to the teachers who have coached the finalists and to the parents and finalists who supported the event.

In addition we would like to give a very big thank you to those who are assisting in the running of the event and to the panels of adjudicators and scrutineer who work very hard. The adjudicators; Kimberly Applegarth, Dawn Armitage, Zoe Desmond, James Montgomery, Vicky Scott Gemma Welch, Chris Worstencroft

The compère, Nationwide Committee, the DJ Liz Young and the official photographer Tom Goundry.

All photographs by Tom Goundry



Category Name Area
3-5 Rosette Solo Evabelle Frost NE
6-8 Rosette Solo Lacey Mai Fairley SW
6-10 Star Dance Solo Posi Ashiru NE
Up to 9 years including Solo Dantae Camara Nw
10-12 years Solo Luke Dimanna NW
13-15 years Solo Sam Terry SE
16-18 years Solo Christopher Woodward SE
19-25 years Solo Abby Overs TT
26 years and above Solo Anna Painter M
Dancers with Additional Needs 16
and over
Jade Bottomley NE
Dancers with Additional Needs 16
and under
Archie Dawney SE
6 years & under Duos Evabelle Frost & Mia Jones NE
7-9 years including Duo Jessica Abraham & Jake Parnaby A
10-12 years including Girl/Girl Duo Jennifer Dannfald & Emily Wood SE
10-12 years inc Girl/Boy Duos Macey Owens and Blake Owens NE
13-15 years Girl/Girl Duo Leah Masters & Sophie Greig A
13-15 years Girl/Boy Duo Paige Aisbitt & Oliver Taylor-Jones M
16-18 years Lady/Lady Duo Chloe Haigh and Chloe Dunbar NE
16-18 years Lady/Man Duo Sofia De’Oliveira & Kirk Powell SE
19-25 years Duo Alicia Hudson & Anika Hill TT
26 years and above Duo Sophie Howley & Katy Batley NE
Up to 9 years inc Crews Devoted NW
Up to 13 years inc Crews Ricochet NE
14-17 years Crews Remain Nameless SE
18-25 years Crews No entry for this category  
26-35 years Crews No entry for this category  
36 & above Crews Run MDC SE
Mixes Age Crews Adage M
Up to 12 years inc Quads Cleo Burton, Isobel Scott, Mercedes Cross, Abbie Gates NE
13-17 years Quads Bronte Restal, Isabel Basher, Leah Firth, Chyna Blake NE
18 years & above Quads Lindsay Fairley, Emily Owen, Lauren Morton, Natasha Scott SW
Mixed Age Quads Mia Lawrence, Lola Swift, Billie
Lambert, Georgia Scollen