Nationwide Medallist of the Year 2021 Freestyle and Rock ‘n’ Roll Finals

Freestyle and Rock ‘n’ Roll Finals

Empress Ballroom, Winter Gardens, Blackpool, November 2021


Congratulations to all our finalists who attended the 28th IDTA Nationwide Medallist of the Year, Freestyle and Rock ‘n’ Roll Finals in the Empress Ballroom of the Winter Gardens, Blackpool on 30th and 31st October 2021.

The President and the Board of Directors of the Association would like to record their thanks to the Nationwide Committee and the Area Committees which have been involved in the organization and particularly to the teachers who have coached the finalists and to the parents and finalists who supported the event.

In addition we would like to give a very big thank you to those who are assisting in the running of the event and to the panels of adjudicators and scrutineer who work very hard.

The adjudicators;

Saturday:   Gillian Booth-Lyons, Anita Brown, Loraine Hastings, Jenna Machin, Jodi Muddyman, Stephen Reece-Buck, Sue Smith-Dibden

Sunday:      Gillian Booth-Lyons, Anita Brown, Loraine Hastings, Jenna Machin, Stephen Reece-Buck, Sue Smith-Dibden, Leah Yates


The Scrutineer:  Estelle Grassby and the marshal Peter Coleman. The compère, Nationwide Committee, and the official photographer Tom Goundry.


All photographs by Tom Goundry

Tel: 01388 77 76 55




3-5 years inc – Rosette Freestyle

Amelie Cooper   NW

6-8 years inc – Rosette Freestyle

Polly Lavender   M

6-10 years inc – Stardance Solo

Bella Robson   NE

9 years and under  inc – Freestyle Solo

Minte Kuzminskaite   M

10-12 Freestyle Solo

Maisy Yarnold   M

13-15 years – Freestyle Solo

Kelly Newton   TT

16-18 Years inc Freestyle Solo

Jade Pully   NE

19-25 years inc – Freestyle Solo

Jessica Little   A

26 and above Freestyle Solo

Tracey Lowthorpe   NE

Dancers with Additional Needs  Freestyle– under 16 years

Archie Dawney   SE

6 years and under Freestyle pairs

Eliza Applegarth Shaw/Blanka Pytko   TT

7 to 9 years inc – Freestyle Pairs

Aubrie Patterson/Polly Lavender   M

10-12 inc Girl/Girl – Freestyle Pairs

Jessica Knopwood/Madeline McGill   NE

10/12 inc Boy/Girl – Freestyle Pairs

Jack Buckley-Doran/Lilianna Arnone   NW

13-15 years inc Girl/Girl – Freestyle Pairs

Emily Green/Ella Worrall   NE

13-15 years inc Boy/Girl – Freestyle Pairs

Oscar Charlton/Ruby Williams   SE

16-18 years Lady/Lady – Freestyle Pairs

Jade Pulley/Libby Helmsley   NE

16-18 years Man/Lady –  Freestyle Pairs

Dosia D’Oliveira/Kirk Powell   SE

19-25 years Freestyle Pairs

Jasmin Carr/Jessica Little   A

26 years  and over – Freestyle Pairs

Tracey and Charlotte Lowthorpe   NE

3-5 years inc – Rosette RnR

Betsy Kirby   SE

6-8 years inc – Rosette RnR

Taya Wilkes   SE

6-10 years inc – Stardance RnR

Poppy Frost   NW

9 years and under  inc – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Bobby Ives/Bethany Webb   SE

10-12 years inc Girl/Girl – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Bethan Cursley/Isla Roberts   SE

10-12 years inc Boy/Girl – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Maddie Stephens/Archie Dawney   SE

13 -15 years inc Girl/Girl – Rock n Roll 

Eliza Curwood/Paige McDermind   SE

13 -15 years inc Boy/Girl – Rock ‘n’ Roll 

Katie Odds/Pedro Gieseke   SE

16-18 years inc Lady/Lady – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Demi-Lea White/Caitlin Platt   NW

16-18 years inc Man/Lady – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Ella Carr/Ryder Gronneberg   SE

19-25 years inc Lady/Lady – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Hannah Seaman/Shannon Jackson   M

19-25 years inc Man/Lady – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Harriet Wheatley/Mackenzie Titshall

26-35 years inc – Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tracey Lowthorpe/Charlotte Lowthorpe   NE

36 and over inc – Rock ‘n’ Roll 

Helen Driscoll/Angie Wilson   NE

Dancers with Additional Needs  Rock n Roll – under 16 years

Katelyn Bray   NE

6 years and under Slow Dance

Eliza Applegarth Shaw   TT

7- 9 years inc – Slowdance

Madeline McGill   NE

10-12 years inc Slowdance

Laura Melisova   M

13-15 years inc – Slowdance

Caitlyn Knopwood   NE

16-18 years inc – Slowdance

Jade Pulley   NE

19-25 years inc – Slowdance

Jessica Little   A

26 years and above – Slowdance

Harriet Lowther   SE

9 years and under Teams


13 years and under inc – Teams

Insanity   NE

14-17 years inc – Teams

The Bass   NW

18-25 years inc – Teams


26-35 years inc – Teams

Impact Got Old  

36 years and above – Teams

The Mamma Mias  

 Mixed Teams

Reloaded   A