Online Teaching Tools

With the coronavirus now forcing schools to close their doors to pupils we have noticed that talk amongst our teachers has now turned to the use of online tools for continuing to teach in a limited capacity. Below is a list we have compiled of online teaching tools that are available. We will add to this list as more suggestions become available.

If you wish to talk to other dance teachers about their experiences using any of the below, please join our IDTA Dance Teachers Network on Facebook: 



Zoom: (You can use free for sessions of 40 minutes or less)

Facebook Live:

Be sure when using online teaching tools that your insurance company covers the use of these services and that before each session you give a clear safety announcement about the risks of practicing at home.

Music Licencing Online

One of the questions we seen asked a lot is in regards to the performance of licensed music via online services. PRS have confirmed the following information in this regard:

Licences already paid for:
The fee paid is based on the number of classes that an instructor gives in a year. Instructors need to keep a record of how many classes are cancelled and notify us at licence renewal. We will then give credit for these against next year’s fees.

Streaming classes:
Unfortunately PPL does not have the mandate to licence the streaming of music as an accompaniment to classes. These rights are retained by the record companies. If instructors wish to do this I would suggest that they use cover versions, where they will need to take out a PRS licence, or royalty free music as a short term alternative.


  • PRS/PPL can provide a Limited Online Music Licence (LOML) for anyone who is sharing videos or making broadcasts directly from their own website.
  • If you are streaming content via Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or any other similar social media platform, these services already have their own licensing agreements in place to cover you for using licensed music.