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Phil Winston

President 2018-2019

Fellow and Theatre Branch Examiner

Phil Winston is a Fellow and Examiner of the IDTA and has served extensively on committees and faculties on behalf of the Association. He is an elected member of the Modern Jazz Technical Faculty, Conference Arrangements and Publicity Committees.

Over the years, Phil has established a reputation as a director/choreographer, travelling world-wide staging productions for theatre and television, also crossing boundaries into the world of ice-dance and figure skating, working with European and Olympic Champions.

He has been honoured to have been awarded three Carl Alan Awards; in 1998 for the Professional Contributing the Most to Dance, in 2009 the Theatre Choreographer Award and in 2013 The Choreographers Award. He was also presented Le Classique de Danse Award in 2009/2010.

Phil is principal of Theatreworks College, which was established to prepare professionals of the future. Many graduates now having successful teaching and performing careers in their own right. Phil is totally committed to IDTA and its continued growth worldwide.

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Anna Jones

President Elect 2018-2019

Fellow and Ballroom Branch Examiner

Anna is a Fellow, Examiner and Past President of the Association. She started her dancing career at an early age and for the first few years centred around Ballet and Stage. A deep love of Latin American and Ballroom then developed as she followed in her parents’ footsteps. Anna's roots with the Association go back to childhood days. Her father, Henry Goodall, was a founder member in the Midlands many years before the merger which created IDTA, as we know it today.

A very successful Latin American career then followed. She won many championships and was a member of the British team. She retired from the competition floor to concentrate on her school to which Anna devoted many years as a full time professional. Her studio in the West Midlands catered for many forms of dance. Anna's personal involvement included the full range of teaching from first-time beginners, all grades of medallists and competitors plus professional coaching in Ballroom, Latin American and Freestyle.

She has travelled extensively, coaching, adjudicating and lecturing at home and abroad. Anna has had many years of experience of committee work including Board of Directors since 1996 having been President for three terms of office and she has been Chairman of the IDTA Freestyle Faculty many times. During her first term as Chairman she produced the book and video entitled Freestyle Dance which has been adopted by the Association to cover this form of dance. More recently Anna has written the follow-up book Advanced Freestyle which has been widely acclaimed.

Anna also has experience of being a member of the Finance & General Purposes Committee, Overseas Development Committee and London Meeting & Congress Arrangements Committee. In 1996 and 2003 she was the proud recipient of a Carl Alan Award after being nominated by IDTA. She was also the joint recipient of the Millennium Lifetime Award for Outstanding Achievement and Continued Excellence in Freestyle Dance. Anna holds a degree in Dance Teaching and has a post graduate diploma in Medical Microbiology. She believes strongly in the future of the International Dance Teachers Association by listening to the needs of its members and embracing innovation in order to keep ahead in the ever evolving world of dance.


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Dawn Parker

Immediate Past President 2017-2018

Fellow and Ballroom Branch Examiner

Dawn started dancing at the age of seven, and was introduced into the Medal test system through the classical sequence branch. Subsequently she took Medals in several branches, entered and partnered in IDTA Medallist competitions, and in 1974 won Medallist of the Year in Classical and Modern Sequence under the guidance of Derek Tonks and Beryl Bates.

Her desire to teach was very strong and as a result she qualified at 17 in Classical Sequence and Ballroom. She continued studying for further qualifications in other branches at John Knight Dance Studios. By 28 years old Dawn had attained Fellowships in Ballroom, Latin and Sequence, and at 29 was appointed IDTA examiner. She has been a full-time dance teacher all her working life.

She has been a part of IDTA since the beginning in 1967 and firmly believes it will remain the biggest and best by keeping up with modern trends and styles, and encouraging all ages and abilities to get involved in the subject. She has, and still continues to, fully support the Medal test system and has entered thousands of pupils in Ballroom, Latin, Sequence, Freestyle, Rock 'n' Roll, Country and Western, Cheerleading, Dance Exercise and Club Dance style tests.

She has trained numerous professionals in all branches. Dawn has been a member of the Midlands Area Committee for 14 years and is currently Vice Chairman; she is also the current Chairman of the Freestyle Faculty and has previously held titles in 2002-2004 and 2009-2010.

In 2006 she was elected onto the Ballroom Faculty and has thoroughly enjoyed working with colleagues on the revision of our technique book. Her love of examining, lecturing and adjudicating at all levels has not deteriorated, and she still loves the buzz of visiting and revisiting venues to receive a warm reception from all our members. She has thoroughly enjoyed her ten years as a member of the Board, and has become even more aware of how hard her fellow directors work to maintain our standards.

It has been an honour and privilege for Dawn to play a part in the continuing development of the biggest and best dance teachers association in the world, and especially to represent the Association as President from 2010-2011 - a role she thoroughly enjoyed and took very seriously. She would like to thank everyone who had faith in her. Dawn is always approachable and ready to offer advice and encouragement.

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George Coad

Financial Director 2018-2019

Financial Director

George was first elected to the Executive Council in 1978 and has served continually since on what has now become the Board of Directors. He controls, with his wife, Pat, the running of the Thompson Dance Centre in Maghull, near Liverpool, together with full and part time staff numbering, between ten and twelve people. Over the last 40 or so years they have trained many thousands of medallists and professionals through the school.

George started his business career by training and dealing in the London Stock Exchange and later moved north to become northern agent for the sale of the merchandise of three large manufacturing companies, during which time George and Pat had a distinguished competitive career, winning the British Open, World, European and many other major amateur and professional titles. When they eventually retired from competing George gave up all his business connections to concentrate on the dancing profession.

Involved as he is with a great deal of international work, during his Presidency in 1997/98 he established the Publicity Committee to promote IDTA at home and abroad. In July 2002 George was appointed Financial Director and chairman of the Finance and General Purposes Committee. He is also a delegate to the British Dance Council and World Dance Council. Having originally qualified only with the IDTA, he is a devout worker for the future success of the Association and considers loyalty and reliability to the service of members a number one priority for all Directors.


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Lynn Armsby

Director 2018-2019

Fellow and Ballroom Branch Examiner

Lynn started dancing at the age of nine with her brother Keith Clifton. Later she won the British and European Latin Championships with her partner Alan Armsby and was a member of the British Team.  She is proud to be the auntie of Strictly Come Dancing stars Kevin and Joanne Clifton.


Following a successful period of teaching in the competitive scene, Lynn and Alan spent many years performing and teaching on cruise ships.  This work extended Lynn’s knowledge of other forms of dance and she became a successful choreographer on board some of the world’s finest cruise ships. 


Lynn opened her own school in the UK  in 1990,  and this is still successfully operating today. She became an IDTA examiner over 20 years ago and has had the pleasure and the privilege of examining in the UK and overseas. Lynn is a successful and respected teacher both in the UK and abroad and has successfully trained social dancers, competitors and many professionals in a variety of dance genres.


In 2010 after gaining a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management, Lynn began teaching full time at Buckinghamshire New University.   This involved developing and leading a unique BA in Dance and Performance which also produces many IDTA professionals.


Lynn left the University in July 2016 and was appointed to the IDTA Board of Directors in the same month.  She is passionate about dance at all levels, works extensively to promote the IDTA and support its members, and considers fairness and professionalism to be at the heart of her values.

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Len Armstrong

Honorary Director

Former Director and President


Former Director and President of the IDTA. Honorary President of the British Dance Council 2009 - Present. President of the Council and Chairman of the Board of Directors 2004 - 2009. Vice-President, World Dance & Dance Sport Council 1999 - 2003. World, European and British Amateur Champion. British Team Captain 1979 -1991.

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