Phil Winston

Director 2022-2023
Fellow and Theatre Branch Examiner

Phil Winston is a Fellow and Examiner of the IDTA and has served extensively on committees and faculties on behalf of the Association. He is an elected member of the Modern Jazz Technical Faculty, Conference Arrangements and Publicity Committees.

Over the years, Phil has established a reputation as a director/choreographer, travelling world-wide staging productions for theatre and television, also crossing boundaries into the world of ice-dance and figure skating, working with European and Olympic Champions.

He has been honoured to have been awarded three Carl Alan Awards; in 1998 for the Professional Contributing the Most to Dance, in 2009 the Theatre Choreographer Award and in 2013 The Choreographers Award. He was also presented Le Classique de Danse Award in 2009/2010.

Phil is principal of Theatreworks College, which was established to prepare professionals of the future. Many graduates now having successful teaching and performing careers in their own right. Phil is totally committed to IDTA and its continued growth worldwide.