Freestyle Associate

The IDTA Freestyle Associate is the first level of the Association’s professional dance teaching qualifications and prepares the candidate to teach dance in their chosen genre. The examination can be taken as a whole or in a modular format over a period of time.

Which dance genre does this qualification apply to?


How will you be assessed?

The Freestyle Associate qualification is a practical examination conducted by an IDTA appointed Examiner. Candidates will present a portfolio and will be asked to demonstrate this dance style and answer questions.


Candidates must be 18 years or over.

Future progression

Higher level professional teaching qualifications are available at Licentiate and Fellowship level.


Candidates for IDTA dance teaching qualifications are required to apply using the IDTA Professional Application Form and pay the examination fee in advance. Training fees are set by the teacher.

Membership status

Freestyle is a "core-subject" genre. Candidates who successfully pass the Freestyle Associate qualification are invited to be members of the IDTA, on payment of an annual subscription. Members holding this qualification may enter candidates for examinations in the Freestyle Branch and, as full members, may vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Examination syllabi, technical information and resources

The examination syllabus is listed in the "Professional and Amateur Dance Syllabus". The technique for this genre is published in the books "Freestyle Dance" and "Advanced Freestyle" by Anna Jones. Visit the IDTA Shop for available resources.