Freestyle Pre-Associate

The Freestyle Pre-Associate examination is designed as an introduction to the professional teaching qualifications and develops the candidates knowledge and understanding of the genre so that they can assist a qualified teacher. Candidates training for the IDTA dance teaching qualifications are advised to take the Pre-Associate examination.

Which dance genre does this qualification apply to?


How will you be assessed?

The Freestyle Pre-Associate is a practical examination conducted by an IDTA appointed Examiner. Candidates will be asked to demonstrate the appropriate dance genre to music and will be expected to answer technical questions.


Candidates must be 16 years or over.

Future progression

Higher level professional teaching qualifications are available at Associate, Licentiate and Fellowship level.


Candidates will be entered for the IDTA Freestyle Pre-Associate examination by their dance teacher using the Pre-Associate Application Form. Examination fees are paid via the dance teacher. Training fees are set by the teacher.

Membership status

Candidates who have successfully passed the Freestyle Pre-Associate examination will be invited to join the IDTA as Provisional Members. This membership status does not allow Provisional members to enter candidates for examinations or to attend the AGM. Provisional members receive a copy of the Dance International magazine and may attend IDTA national and regional seminars to assist with their continuing professional development at a discounted entry fee.

Examination syllabi, technical information and resources

The examination syllabus for the Freestyle Pre-Associate examination is listed in the "Professional and Amateur Dance Syllabus". The technique for this genre is published in "Freestyle Dance" by Anna Jones. Visit the IDTA Shop for available resources.