The first step to becoming a Zumba Instructor is to attend one of the Zumba Workshops. To see the dates and locations of upcoming Zumba Workshops you can visit the Workshops page of www.Zumba.com or on my website www.zumbauk.co.uk . There are no pre-requisites to becoming a Zumba Instructor, although a fitness or dance background is always a plus! Anybody 18 years or older may attend a Zumba Workshop. Certain allowances are made for younger participants.

Once you have taken the one-day Zumba Basic Workshop you are allowed to teach Zumba, use the “Zumba” name in your class title, and call yourself a Zumba Instructor. Any other use of the Zumba name or logo must be approved by the Zumba Corporate office. Zumba Fitness is a registered trademark of Zumba Fitness, LLC, which holds copyright ownership on all Zumba related material and use of name and logo. Anyone who teaches Zumba without having a current Certificate of Completion would be in violation of trademark and copyright laws.

After the Zumba workshop, you can start teaching whenever you feel ready. Every Zumba Instructor is an independent contractor so you will set up your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. with whichever facilities you choose. The Zumba Workshop will teach you about Zumba and how to teach and create Zumba routines for a Zumba class. The movement section and the included DVDs and music CD provide plenty of ideas to get you started. Zumba’s continuing education program provides a ZIN newsletter, marketing materials, choreography, music, and a network of instructors, which will also provide an enormous amount of help to get you started. Joining this program is optional. Other Zumba workshops are planning to be introduced to the UK in the New Year. These include Zumba Kids, Zumba Gold and Zumba Aqua. Zumba Basics One is a pre-requisite for all other Zumba workshops.

A Zumba certificate is valid for one year. As with any reputable occupation, a professional in any industry is expected to keep up-to-date on industry knowledge and stay fresh with their industry skills. Zumba Fitness wants its instructors to be the best in the industry and maintain a high level of expertise and proficiency. To help instructors sustain this status, Zumba Fitness provides numerous opportunities for continuing education and requires all Zumba Instructors to update their skills annually in order to renew their instructor certificate. For more information contact

Caroline Parsons, UK Zumba Education Specialist, ZUMBA ® Fitness
Phone: +44(0)7968 699904
Fax: +44(0)1483 326 546