Competition discipline procedure

As an organisation, we are determined to ensure that all competition rules are adhered to and that any breaches are dealt with appropriately. To do this, we have formulated a disciplinary process, which will be applied in all circumstances.

All schools and pupils are required to abide by Competition rules and where anyone becomes aware of a breach they have an absolute duty to report it. Only in this way can the integrity of the dance profession be protected.


On the day of the Competition

Any breach of the rules should be reported to a member of the organising Committee officiating at the competition. The matter will be investigated by the Invigilator and members of the committee will decide on any appropriate disciplinary sanction. The details will be fully recorded and will be presented at the next formal Committee meeting. The Committee will confirm in writing to the school and they will have the right to appeal against any disqualification or formal warning imposed.

  • If a Competition Rule is broken, the principal of the school will be given a verbal warning (a record of this verbal warning will be made), unless the infringement requires immediate disqualification from the competition. E.g. disqualification would occur if a competitor has not taken a medal test in last 12 months, or knowingly dances under another persons identity (name and number).
  • If a Competition Rule is broken again by the same school, a formal written warning will be given and recorded against the school principal, unless the infringement requires immediate disqualification from the competition (see above).
  • If a further infringement of the Competition Rules is made by the same school action will be taken, eg: possible disqualification from the competition or a ban from entering future competitions for a specified period e.g. 1 year. Any proposed ban on a school principal must be referred to the Board of Directors for review and ratification prior to implementation. A ban would take effect from the date of the infringement.


Action which maybe taken by the Organising Committee

A. If a pupil has breached a rule they may be disqualified from the competition and may be banned from taking part in future competitions for a period of time.

B. If the principal has breached a rule they may be banned from entering pupils into heats of future Nationwide Competitions for a period of time. Proposed ban must be submitted to the Board of Directors for review and ratification prior to implementation.


A pupil is entered by a school principal for a heat of a Competition without meeting the criteria i.e. not taken a medal test in the appropriate branch in the previous 12 months, or they entered in the wrong age category and gained an advantage, or they changed partners without permission.

Appeals process:

Initially the pupil via their principal or the principal would appeal to the organising committee. Final appeal would be to the Board of Directors.


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