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The following IDTA graded and vocational graded qualifications are recognised by the Office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (Ofqual) CCEA the regulator for Northern Ireland and Qualifications Wales, and appear on the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

Graded qualifications

Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft, Ballroom, Latin, Classical Sequence and Freestyle

Grade Level Title Credit Value Guided Learning Hours Total Qualification Time
1 1 Award 7 60 70
2 1 Award 7 60 70
3 1 Award 7 60 70
4 2 Award 10 75 95
5 2 Award 10 75 95

Vocational graded qualifications

Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft

Grade Level Title Credit Value Guided Learning Hours Total Qualification Time
Intermediate 3 Certificate 28 150 275
Advanced 1 4 Certificate 33 150 325
Advanced 2 4 Diploma 38 150 375

Attainment bands for all the above examinations are Unsuccessful, Pass, Merit and Distinction.

Grade and Vocational Graded Qualifications

The qualification specifications are available to view or download. The full IDTA syllabi and technique books are available from IDTA Sales Ltd.

IDTA candidates for IDTA examinations must be entered for their chosen examination by their dance school principal, who is an IDTA member, using the IDTA Examination Session Request Form.

The IDTA will appoint an examiner to attend the school on the requested/agreed date(s) to conduct the examinations. The report forms will be completed by the examiner and returned to IDTA Head Office for processing. The reports will be returned to the school principal with the appropriate certificate and award for distribution.

The IDTA certificates for the regulated graded and vocational graded qualifications will bear the Ofqual and Qualifications Wales logos. Certificates for other IDTA examinations will bear the IDTA logo only.

Pre-Associate examinations

The IDTA offers Pre-Associate examinations for candidates wishing to study to become a dance teacher with the Association. The examinations are designed to prepare the candidate for the Associate teaching examinations or the IDTA Level 4 Diploma in Dance Teaching (available from April 2016).

ULN – Unique Learner Number

The Unique Learner Number is a unique 10 digit number supplied to anyone aged 14 years and over who is involved in education and training in the UK. It is the responsibility of the centre (dance school/college) principal to provide the ULN on the report form if the IDTA training course and examinations are funded, or if the candidate wishes their results recorded on the their Personal Learning Record by the Learning Records Service.

For further information on ULN, contact IDTA Head Office for an information leaflet.

The ULN should not be confused with the IDTA Pin Number, which should still be provided.

Guidance for teachers and dance schools on publicising IDTA qualifications

The IDTA is an awarding organisation recognised by Ofqual, CCEA and Qualifications Wales to offer qualifications in the Regulated Qualification Framework. Ofqual and Qualifications Wales set out a number of rules and requirements about the use of their names and how IDTA may refer to its recognised status in publications or on its website.

The purpose of this guidance is to help teachers and dance schools to give clear information to candidates and parents so that they are not misled in their choice of award or qualification.

Use of regulatory authority name:

The regulatory authority name may be used in publications or on websites (for example referring to IDTA as a recognised awarding organisation).

References to regulated qualifications:

Information about regulated qualifications offered by IDTA should be clear.  For example a Graded Examination in Dance can be referred to as regulated, but a Medal Test cannot.

Use of regulatory authority logos:

The regulatory authorities’ logos can only be used on certificates produced by IDTA.  The logo cannot be used on any publicity materials, publications or on websites.

Additional information

Please see below links to the IDTA policies. Questions or further guidance can be requested from IDTA Head Office.

Appeals policy updated April 2024

Complaints procedure updated June 2024

Equal opportunities policy updated February 2018

Ofqual Guidance for IDTA members and staff updated May 2016

Malpractice policy updated December 2023

IDTA reasonable adjustments and special considerations policy June 2024

All about unique learner numbers Sep 2015

UK Examination Fees

The fee stated is charged by the IDTA to the member teacher per pupil per examination. The IDTA provides a report form and certificate and/or award as appropriate. There will be additional charges added to these fees by the teacher to cover all overheads e.g. administration costs, staff costs, heating/lighting, studio costs, Public Liabilty Insurance etc… and this will vary from school to school and region to region.


UK Ballroom fees for Level 4 Diploma
UK Ballroom fees for Professional Exams
UK Ballroom Fees for Amateur Exams


UK Freestyle fees for Level 4 Diploma
UK Freestyle fees for Professional Exams
UK Freestyle fees for Amateur Exams


UK Theatre fees for Level 4 Diploma
UK Theatre fees for Professional Exams
UK Theatre fees for Amateur Exams

Enquiries and request for information

Please contact Liz Murphy (Acting Chief Executive) at IDTA Head Office if you have any questions. Contact us by email using our Contact Form or telephone: 01273 685652.

Head Office hours are Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.30 pm (lunch 12.30-1.00 pm).