Nationwide Medallist of the Year

Bringing together dancers from all across the UK, the IDTA Nationwide Finals are a series of competitions designed to allow the medallist competitors to demonstrate and celebrate their talents together in a formal setting.

Competitors for the finals, initially compete in Area qualifying heats.

The Nationwide competitions cover Ballroom, Latin, Classical Sequence, Modern Sequence,  Freestyle and Rock ‘n’ Roll.


How do I qualify for the Nationwide competition?

Competitors for the finals, initially compete in Area qualifying heats. 

What rules apply to the Nationwide competition?
General rules governing the Nationwide competitions can be viewed here:

Nationwide Rules updated June 2023

For the Nationwide Finals we are required to apply for a BOPA licence and in order to ensure we have the appropriate photo consent in place for competitors to be photographed at the competition and for live streaming to take place, we need to have photo consent to ensure the safeguarding of children attending the finals.

The rules regarding photography have been reviewed and advise sought and updated. See the link below for the full rules:

IDTA Nationwide Photography Policy 

Next Event Dates
The next scheduled dates for the Nationwide Finals can be found on our Events page:

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