Theatre Branch Examination Wear 

Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft, Gymnastic Dance


Uniform and personal presentation and effects

In order to ensure health and safety and fair assessment of all candidates and in accordance with convention, the following guidelines for personal presentation are given:

  • All uniform should be clean and well fitting and underwear should not be visible. Please refer to the examination syllabus for details of the required uniform for each genre and grade.
  • Ballet footwear – Elastic or ribbons should be firmly sewn on shoes in the correct position and securely fastened.
  • All other footwear – should be as described in the examination syllabus for the dance genre, correctly fitted and securely fastened.
  • Hair should be neatly and appropriately styled for the genre. eg for Ballet hair should be off the face and neck in order that the line of the head and neck is not obscured.
  • Spectacles may be worn.
  • Jewellery must not be worn, unless required for religious or cultural reasons.
  • Where used, makeup and nail varnish should be light and kept to a minimum.
  • Visible tattoos should be covered with makeup where possible.
  • Candidates may take small plastic bottles of water into the examination studio. Normally water should only be drunk during official rest breaks.
  • Candidates who require asthma pumps and sprays are allowed to take these into the examination studio.
  • Candidates taking vocational graded examinations (Performer Awards) may take a hand towel into the studio.
  • Candidates may wear arm or leg supports if necessary, these should be white or flesh coloured. The examiner will make no concession in the case of candidates wearing a support.


Revised IDTA Ballet Examination Wear from May 2021

Preparatory & Primary 


Leotard with flared skirt, ballet shoes and elastics or ribbons Grades 1-5 – leotard and tights.

Unblocked ballet shoes with elastic or ribbons.

Candidates under 12 years may wear ballet socks.

Grade 1-5 skirt optional


Tights or shorts and vest/leotard or all-in one, socks and ballet shoes with elastics.


Socks/tights and shoes may be appropriate to the candidate’s skin tone.


International Dance Supplies

IDS offer a selection of dance wear suitable for IDTA examinations, which include the IDTA logo